About Us

In 2011 Twasol Business Men Services Center launched in Dubai to provide Ministry of Labor Services to be one of the pioneers in providing various government services under one roof. We have pursued since the first moment of our launch a new approach based on the foundations of process and methodology, to develop the possibilities of human and material resources, Keep up with the comprehensive renaissance of the country in all fields through our dependence on our principles and values which we sought through it to :-
Building our institutional reputation: Whereas our credibility and institutional reputation it's a natural honest reflection to all of services which we provide customer.
Chain of excellence and success: Our excellence is a reflection of the performance of a realistic three-dimensional efficiently and effectively permanent, focus on the continuity of success.
Leadership and teamwork: professionalism of our leaders appears in deep respect of individuals and dedication of teamwork culture.
Strategic partnership development: Achievements and the success of our strategic partnerships, it’s a practical translation of our response with our customer aspiration and our contribution in society renaissance.
Quality and customer service: the acquisition and adaptation of modern technology represents an extension for our firm conviction in the adoption of quality and gain customer confidence, we have worked to adopt this strategy to achieve its purpose and drop seen on the reality ground. There is no doubt that we are facing significant challenges, the key to reach the high performance lies in our ability to read our work environment and understand it reality then adapt and cope with it, We should continue to explore new ways to consolidate the quality of provided services to customers, build it, develop it and strengthen a knowledge culture.